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X-Set 31

Light weight two person cook system that packs down easily.


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70% Silicone, 15% Aluminium, 15% Nylon
Packed Size
21.50 diameter x 5.00 cm
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A collapsible, two-person cook system from our range of outdoor cooking equipment. Featuring an award-winning 2.8L X-Pot for camp stove cooking, two X-Bowls and two X-Mugs.

  • Great for a duo.
  • Cooking and dining for two collapsing to 45mm.
  • 600ml X-Bowls and 480ml X-Mugs
  • Pacific Blue option- Pacific Blue Pot, Lime Bowl & Mug, Pacific Blue Bowl & Mug
  • Olive option- Olive Pot, Olive Bowl & Mug and Sand Bowl & Mug


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X-Pot 2.8 Litre

Weighs little, packs down easily to take up less room, the X-Pot is the perfect cooking pot for trips where every ounce of weight and every inch of space counts.


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