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X-Pot 4.0 Litre

Light weight and easily stowable the 4 Litre X-Pot is great for group cooking in the outdoors.


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50% Silicone, 25% Aluminium, 20% Transparent Plastic, 5% Stainless Steel
Packed Size
27 cm Diameter X 6 cm
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For the group camping market, we’ve designed the X-Pot 4.0L; a durable camping pot from our range of Camp Kitchen equipment.

We have used a three-segment wall design and a thicker stainless steel ring in the rim to create an exceptionally rigid structure allowing confidence in stirring large volumes of food.

  • Increased radius on the edge of the base allows larger stirring utensils to get into the corners.
  • The silicone handles can be wrapped over the rim of the pot to provide improved grip while stirring.
  • The 4.0L X-Pot snuggly holds X-Plates or 2.8L X-Pots inside, though any other item from the range will also fit.


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