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X-Pot Kettle

Boil water quickly and save weight and pack space with this light weight stowable kettle.

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40% Silicone, 30% Aluminium, 15% Transparent Plastic, 15% Nylon
Packed Size
1.3L: 15.50cm diameter x 4cm, 2.2L 19.5cm diameter x 4.5cm
1.3L: 186g, 2.2L:290g
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Lightweight Camping Kettle from our range of Camp Kitchen equipment.

The X-Kettle the ideal addition to your collapsing cooking collection, perfect for a cup of tea or cocoa on the trail. With the increasing popularity of freeze dried food the kettle is all you need for two warm meals in one boil. If you prefer fresh rice or pasta the wide rim and stable handles allow it to be used as a pot with easy stirring.

  • Wide base absorbs maximum heat from the stove while protecting the silicone walls.
  • Two glass-reinforced Nylon 6-6 handles support the upper rim and improve control when pouring.
  • A silicone strap secures the lid and handles during transport.
  • Two X-Mugs or X-Cups fit inside the X-Kettle.
  • Available with or without a storage sack (sack not available separately) .


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X-Pot 2.8 Litre

Weighs little, packs down easily to take up less room, the X-Pot is the perfect cooking pot for trips where every ounce of weight and every inch of space counts.


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X-Pan 8 Inch

Easily packed away this camping frying pan is the perfect light weight cooking option for the outdoors.


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X-Pot 1.4 Litre

Light weight and highly packable the 1.4Litre X-Pot is the first choice for solo camping trips.



Compact and light weight the X-Cup is the go anywhere drinking solution for the outdoor enthusiast.


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