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X-Set 3

The X-Set 3 offers you the essentials for outdoor eating and drinking in an organised and easily stowable pouch.


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For the outdoor enthusiast who likes to keep their gear organised! The sets include a zippered pouch with mesh panels to keep the X-pieces all tidy inside.

  • Three-piece set includes: X-Mug, X-Bowl, X-Plate and Ultra-Sil® zippered pouch
  • Orange Pouch, Blue Plate, Green Bowl, Orange Mug

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X-Set 2

Keep all your key outdoor eating gear organised in one place with the X-Mug and X-Bowel X-Set 2 combo.


X-Pot 2.8 Litre

Weighs little, packs down easily to take up less room, the X-Pot is the perfect cooking pot for trips where every ounce of weight and every inch of space counts.


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X-Set 31

Light weight two person cook system that packs down easily.


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X-Set 32

The ultimate light weight cook set for all your outdoor cooking needs with a pot, kettle and frying pan.