Comfort Deluxe Insulated Air Mat

Luxury Bed for the outdoors.

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Dual Layer
Regular Wide: 186 x 64 cm, Large: 202 x 64cm
no. Air Sprung Cells
Regular Wide: 392, Large: 426
Rolled Size
Regular Wide: 14 x 26cm, Large15 x 26cm
R Value
Regular Wide: 1010g, Large, 1105g
Selling Price
From £215.00

The Comfort Deluxe Insulated model combines 8cm deep Air Sprung Cells, a luxurious stretch fabric top and our award winning dual layer design. It redefines what deluxe comfort in the backcountry means.

  • Dual layer design ensures a level of built-in redundancy; if you do end up with a puncture in one layer of the mattress, the other layer remains fully functional.
  • Multi-function valve for fast and easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning of air pressure
  • The Comfort Deluxe range features two separate layers of Air-Sprung Cells each with its own valve for unparalleled comfort.
  • We have pioneered the use of a liquid TPU lamination process in outdoor products. Common in the medical and aeronautical industries, it is vastly superior to the roll-to-roll film lamination process usually used in air pads. The TPU bonds better and more consistently than a film, virtually eliminating delamination issues.
  • An anti-microbial treatment is added to the TPU to prevent issues caused by warm, moist air trapped inside the mat.
  • All Sea to Summit sleeping mats come with a quality stuff sack, a repair kit containing six self-adhesive patches for repairing punctures in the field, and a spare silicone one-way valve insert.
  • For extended storage, the mat should be laid flat, and folded as few times as possible with the valve open.


Comfort Plus Insulated Mat

Fine tune your comfort with a specialist valve for the ultimate in outdoor sleeping.

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Comfort Delux SI

The Comfort Deluxe series has been designed to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding camping customer. These oversized models with 4 inches of plush thickness give you space to sprawl. This is the mattress for the ultimate night’s sleep when car camping, canoeing or on extended base camp sojourns where the slight weight penalty isn’t an issue. Utilises Delta Core™ technology, which keeps body contact areas warmer while still offering great support and packability Multi-function, patent-pending multi function valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly without fighting re-inflation as you go At 4 inches thick and an equivalent R-Value of 5.2, the Comfort Delxe SI Mat delivers exceptional warmth and comfort for a great nights sleep


Aeros Premium Pillow Deluxe

Get a superb nights sleep with this super sized deluxe inflatable pillow.


Trek TkII

The classic tapered rectangular sleeping bag - redefined! Sometimes a mummy bag doesn't fit the bill - a bit too snug, a bit too constricting. For those who like the extra space and versatility of the classic tapered rectangular shaped sleeping bag, we have created the Trek series. 

From £260.00

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