Aeros Premium Pillow Traveller 18

Lightweight and highly packable, take great sleeping comfort with you on all your travels.

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Inflated Dimensions
39 x 29 x 11cm
Rolled Size
11 x 7 x 19 cm
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The Aeros Premium Traveller offers the jet-setting traveller an exceptionally comfortable pillow, with minimum bulk and weight. Using the same manufacturing techniques as our other Premium pillows, we have shaped a high strength TPU bladder to provide ergonomic support to the upright sleeper. The bulbous side arms of the pillow provide significantly more neck support than traditional neck pillows, while the centre of the pillow is extra thin so that it doesn’t apply pressure to the back of the neck when pressed into a headrest. A soft 50D polyester casing is used for the exterior fabric, providing superior hand feel for user comfort.

  • Ergonomic shape provides improved comfort when sleeping upright
  • High strength TPU bladder
  • Soft 50D polyester fabric gives great hand feel
  • Features the Sea to Summit Multi-Function valve for ease of use



Aeros Down Pillow

Combines the ultralight and super compact nature of our Aeros™ Pillows with the comfort and warmth of down

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Aeros Ultralight Pillow Traveller

Travel and sleep in comfort with the super light weight travel pillow.

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