Base Camp BcI

Sometimes you aren’t quite so concerned about shaving ounces from your gear as you are about being comfortable and getting a great nights sleep

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Compression Sack Volume
7.8 L
ULTRA-DRY Down® 750+ Loft
90/10 Premium Grey Duck Down
2D Perma Shell
Fill Power
750+ Loft
Fill Weight
Regular 183 x 190 cm
Relaxed Mummy Shaped
Temp Rating
6°c Comfort to 1°c Lower
Reduced From
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The Basecamp I has been designed for those customers who find a mummy sleeping bag restrictive, and who would prefer to enjoy a little more comfort and stretch out space whilst escaping outdoors.

The Basecamp I offers a contoured rectangular design to accomodate sleepers who like to stretch out full length, or those who like to curl up into a ball. It is also a fantastic solution for the restless sleeper who can now toss and turn in comfort, without being woken up because of a restrictive bag design. 

If you are looking for the ultimate in camping comfort, the Basecamp I has also been designed to work with our Air Sprung Cell sleeping mats and Aeros Pillows to create a truly comprehensive sleep system. Slide your mat into the small pocket at the foot of the bag and then use the strap and loop set-up to secure the upper section. Then inflate your Aeros Pillow to the perfect pressure, before securing it into place with the elasticised strap underneath the hood.

No matter which way the weather turns, the Basecamp I sleeping bag can be both modified to suit. Zip yourself in and pull the internal drawcords tight to combat the cold. If the weather takes a turn towards summer, then you can vent the feet, or unzip one or both sides to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

The Basecamp I is also so much more than just a sleeping bag, the dual zipper design means that it can transform from a substantial and sumptuous sleeping bag into a svelte summer quilt. The bottom of the quilt holds its shape as a roomy footbox, and a series of attachment loops even lets you secure your quilt onto your mat to ensure maximum warmth.


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