Comfort Deluxe Insulated Air Mat

Luxury bed for the outdoors.

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Dual Layer
Regular Wide: 186 x 64 cm, Large: 202 x 64cm
no. Air Sprung Cells
Regular Wide: 392, Large: 426
Rolled Size
Regular Wide: 14 x 26cm, Large15 x 26cm
R Value
Regular Wide: 1010g, Large, 1105g
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From £215.00
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From £130.00


The Comfort Deluxe Insulated model combines 8cm deep Air Sprung Cells, a luxurious stretch fabric top and our award winning dual layer design. It redefines what deluxe comfort in the backcountry means.

  • Dual layer design ensures a level of built-in redundancy; if you do end up with a puncture in one layer of the mattress, the other layer remains fully functional.
  • Multi-function valve for fast and easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning of air pressure
  • Stuff sack includes a pump to help inflate the mat.
  • The Comfort Deluxe range features two separate layers of Air-Sprung Cells each with its own valve for unparalleled comfort.
  • We have pioneered the use of a liquid TPU lamination process in outdoor products. Common in the medical and aeronautical industries, it is vastly superior to the roll-to-roll film lamination process usually used in air pads. The TPU bonds better and more consistently than a film, virtually eliminating delamination issues.
  • An anti-microbial treatment is added to the TPU to prevent issues caused by warm, moist air trapped inside the mat.
  • All Sea to Summit sleeping mats come with a quality stuff sack, a repair kit containing six self-adhesive patches for repairing punctures in the field, and a spare silicone one-way valve insert.
  • For extended storage, the mat should be laid flat, and folded as few times as possible with the valve open.


Comfort Delux SI

Luxurious extravagance for extended base-camping

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