Traveller TrI

There are times on the road when taking a regular sleeping bag is just one thing too much but going without limits your options. It is precisely with this dilemma in mind that we created the Traveller series. The light but cosy Traveller is an excellent option when city-hopping or when sharing a bag is on the cards.

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Compression Sack Volume
Regular 1.55 Litre Large 1.89 Litre
Sewn Through Construction
90/10 Premium Duck Down
Fill Power
ULTRA-DRY Down® 750+ Loft
Fill Weight
Regular 200g Long: 250g
Regular 183 x 67 cm Large 192 x 74 cm
Tapered Rectangular
Temp Rating
14° Comfort to 10° Lower Limit
Regular 389g Large 457g
Reduced From
From £200.00
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The Traveller has been sized as a comfortable solo sleeping bag and as a quilt large enough to share when unzipped. It weighs very little and packs down small, leaving plenty of room in the rucksack, or to be left in the back of the car for unplanned bivys.

Filled with 750+ loft ULTRA-DRY Down™, it has been optimised as a summer outdoor bag, a year-round indoor bag, or as a liner over a bed or another sleeping bag. The fully opening zip can be used to zip to another Traveller for times when you’re not travelling alone. The Large size will comfortably fit two people when used as a blanket.

The Traveller is an incredibly versatile sleeping bag.

The Traveller has been cut with a slight taper to save weight and bulk without adversely affecting the usable duvet area. The full-length side zip allows the Traveller to be opened out into a full duvet for use indoors and warmer weather. The shoulder and foot draw cords cinch the bag around you to retain heat.

The shell is reversible and can be used with either the Charcoal or Ocean colour on the outside.


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