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Comfort Delux SI

Luxurious self-inflating extravagance for extended base-camping.

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Delta Cores™
Regular: 183 x 64 cm, Large Wide: 201 x 76 cm, Double: 201 x 132 cm
Rolled Size
Regular: ø18.5 x 64 cm, Large Wide: ø20.5 x 76 cm, Double: ø 28 x 64 cm
R Value
Regular: 1840g, Large Wide:2410g, Double:4225g
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The Comfort Deluxe self-inflating sleep mat has been designed to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding camping customer. These oversized models with 4 inches of plush thickness give you space to sprawl. This is the mattress for the ultimate night’s sleep when car camping, canoeing or on extended base camp sojourns where the slight weight penalty isn’t an issue.

  • Utilises Delta Core™ technology, which keeps body contact areas warmer while still offering great support and packability
  • Multi-function, patent-pending multi function valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly without fighting re-inflation as you go
  • At 4 inches thick and an equivalent R-Value of 5.2, the Comfort Delxe SI Mat delivers exceptional warmth and comfort for a great nights sleep

Lifetime Guarantee

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