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Comfort Light SI Mat WMN

Women’s specific Delta Core™ profile for warmer core body zones


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Female Specific
Delta Core™
Regular: 170 x 51 cm, Large: 183 x 58 cm
Rolled Size
Regular: ø16 x 27 cm, Regular: ø16.5 x 27 cm
R Value
Small: 665g, Regular: 775g
Selling Price

The Self Inflating Comfort Light series aims to hit that sweet spot of minimal weight and packed size but also offers great comfort. At 2 inches, this mattress is going to protect you from just about any less-than-perfectly flat terrain. Our Delta Core™ technology makes sure that the additional thickness doesn’t equate to an increase in weight and provides even insulation across the length of the mattress. The Comfort Light series is made from lightweight 30D polyester with extrusion laminated TPU.

  • Wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder
  • Multi-function, high flow-rate valve
  • Anti-slip print on top and base keeps it in place
  • Continuous foam layer on top and bottom of Delta Cores™ eliminates cold spots along full mat length and provides better bonding with the shell fabrics
  • Lightweight 30D polyester with extrusion laminated TPU used on top and base
  • Large horizontal triangular cores reduce the weight and bulk without sacrificing support and comfort
  • PillowLock™ attaches your Aeros™ pillow to your mat, holding it in place for a slip-free sleep

Lifetime Guarantee

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