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2D Nano Shell

The 2D NanoShell™ used in the Micro and Talus sleeping bags has been designed to provide maximum protection from wind and moisture, such as heavy dew if you are bivvying out.


The NanoShell™ Face is a durable 20 denier high density weave nylon shell fabric treated with a DWR and a thin microporous coating. It is 100% windproof and highly water resistant to keep the down dry from external water or melting snow. The thin microporous coating is also highly breathable; it allows water vapour produced by your body to freely diffuse through the NanoShell face fabric to the outside.

Condensation may form under the 2D NanoShell face, but our ULTRA-DRY Down™ technology will minimise its effects on the down, retaining as much loft and insulations as possible.

It is advised to open your bag out and dry in the sun or wind if you get the opportunity, this will help dry out any unavoidable condensation that may form inside your bag during use.

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