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Sea to Summit is excited to announce that in 2016 all of our Sleeping Bags will use down that has been sourced and certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

The RDS is a tool that is going to help shift the entire down and feather industry towards more humane animal rearing and handling practices. Overseen by the internationally lauded Textile exchange, the RDS requires independent, third party assessments of all aspects of animal rearing and handling throughout the entire supply chain process. By only using down that meets the audited requirements of the RDS we can have confidence that each phase of the collection process has been completed with the welfare and ethical treatment of waterfowl in mind.

This means no live plucking and no force feeding, humane living conditions and proper animal handling, from the moment of hatching throughout the life cycle of the waterfowl, and through the entire down supply chain.

In addition, The RDS will be central in helping to increase awareness about what might be happening to waterfowl as their down is harvested. We hope that you, like us, believe that the ethical treatment of animals is important, and can appreciate the importance of the RDS for achieving this in our industry.

If you would like to find out more information about how the Responsible Down Standard is trying to improve animal welfare during down collection, then please visit http://responsibledown.org/

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